E-Fisher, an innovative digital fishers’ recoding data collection module, revolutionizes real-time transmission of fishers’ information and facilitates their data analysis. The user-friendly E-Fisher app is primarily designed for fishers and boat owners, incentivizing data sharing. Operating on Android-based systems, the app gathers crucial fishery data, including fish catch rates and changes over time for different fish species, fishing grounds, seasons, and gear-effort combinations, spatially distributed. It also captures total catches, catch structures in relation to fishing effort, the contribution of different gear types and boats to total catches, fish prices at landing sites and markets, fish quantities at landing sites and markets, basic weather information, geo data for location and time capture, fish by-products quantity and prices, wet dagaa quantities and prices per trough at landing sites, catch rate per craft per gear type, total weight gain, and summary of catch values.

The integration of these three modules into FAIMS is a testament to its versatility and efficiency in data gathering and management. With the ability to create user-friendly data gathering forms linked to Android devices without the need for complex backend coding, FAIMS empowers stakeholders with robust and timely information, driving evidence-based decision-making and fostering sustainable fisheries management for thriving fishing communities.